eTwinning and MFL: Face to face workshop in Birmingham (April 2017)

Last Wednesday, 26th April 2017, I attended a face to face workshop on eTwinning-Erasmus+ and the MFL English curriculum in Birmingham organised by the British Council. I discovered eTwinning a few years ago and I thought it was an amazing programme – being able to work with schools in other countries sounded like a very enriching experience for students and teachers.

In order to understand how eTwinning worked, I attended some webinars on how to find partner schools and how to set up projects. I also completed a MOOC organised by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports that helped me shape up some projects I have had in mind for a while. I actually started some eTwinning projects with schools in Spain, but I always felt I needed a bit more of information, support and ideas to make them more successful. That is why, when I opened the British Council email and I read there was a face to face workshop to talk about eTwinning and MFL in the English curriculum, I thought it was a really good opportunity to seek advice and learn from more experienced colleagues. I was not disappointed at all.

What I learned during the Workshop

During the Workshop, I learned about Schools Online, which is a website that offers courses and helps create partnerships between teachers. I found the section on awards and accreditation particularly interesting. Schools can apply for an International School Award in order to promote an international dimension in the curriculum and in the school life. This award has four levels: foundation, intermediate, accreditation and reaccreditation, which are fully explained in this link.

We also discussed the importance of taking part in face to face workshops when finding international partners for our projects. It can be much easier getting to know our partners and starting to plan and set up a project together. Face to face workshops are organised all over Europe not only to meet new partners and start new projects, but also to share good practice.

Some colleagues explained how they worked with their partners and we also explored very well structured projects that can be used as a model:

Made with Padlet

Finally, I learnt about some really useful digital tools during the session:

  1. Quizlet Live – Very fun (and free) way of practising vocabulary with the whole class. The teacher creates a quiz and students can use their own devices to answer multiple choice questions in a team.
  2. Plickers – Another fun way of testing students’ knowledge. This time they use QR codes that we can scan so that we can transfer their answers to the board.
  3. Classtools – This website allows the user to create different games and activities to practise any subject.
  4. TodaysMeet – This site allows students or participants in a conference to contribute their ideas using a virtual board.
  5. Learning Apps – Excellent site with many games to practise languages and other subjects. New games can be created.
  6. Poster my Wall – Poster templates for students to create their own.
  7. Eval & Go – Create questionnaires for your students.
  8. Language Gym – Games and activities to “train” your language skills.
  9. Kahoot – Playing and creating games for any subject.
  10. Duolingo – Set yourself or your students targets to learn a language.

Some of the information used on the day can be found on British Council MFL Event, Birmingham, 26th April 2017 by Suzi Bewell.

These are also some of the presentations used on that day:

Thanks very much to all the organisers and the rest of the participants for a very informative day! 🙂

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